Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Do you have picture phobia?

Here's the deal. You would rather do the laundry, pay your bills, balance checkbooks, clean out the garage, even go to the dentist than have your picture taken--at least that's what Fujifilm is saying.

More than 73 percent of women and almost 50 percent of men feel uneasy in front of a camera, according to a survey conducted by Fujifilm USA Inc. What were they concerned with? Well, weight and hairstyle.
We hear some chuckles. Hey, even Hollywood stars have bad hair days once in a while. The only difference is they have personal groomers and trainers to manage their every appearance unlike the plebeians that we are.

Fujifilm's face detection technology won't make you look like Brad Pitt or Kate Moss. What it does is automatically focus and adjust for correct exposure on human faces. But there's only this much a camera can do and a lot depends on the photographer and the subject.


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