Saturday, March 10, 2007
Nokia E61i

Unlike the E61 where you can distinctively feel the menu keys above the keyboard, on the E61i it's easier to press the wrong buttons since there's considerably less space between each key and the surface is rather flushed. The joystick on the E61 has also been replaced with a four-way rectangular pad with a central Enter key, which fortunately is just as efficient.

The QWERTY keyboard, other than having more breathing room between each key, remains largely similar to the earlier E61. What we don't quite fancy with the new buttons are the less pronounced feel. No matter, since we got over that soon enough and breezed our way through typing a full text message on the E61i.

The E61i comes with an onboard 2-megapixel camera.
On the rear lies the 2-megapixel camera that Nokia has included in this latest edition. Oddly, while there's Night mode and settings to adjust the white balance and color tone, there's no built-in LED light to act as a flash unit. Admittedly, the light output from an LED is poor in comparison to flash modules on standalone cameras. But this could have been helpful in providing some illumination for low-light situations. (Source Cnet)

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02 XDA Zinc

The good: Slide-out QWERTY keyboard; solid feel; wide range of connectivity options including A2DP; faster Intel processor compared with the 838 Pro.
The bad: Soft keys hinder typing; 2.5mm audio jack; no HSDPA; average battery life.
The bottom line: With a faster processor, the Xda Zinc has a slight performance edge over the Dopod 838 Pro but falls short by a slight margin in terms of aesthetics. Unless you're looking for a QWERTY handheld, there're more options out there.

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