Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Nokia Aeon Concept

Similar to the Synaptics Onyx, the Nokia Aeon features a “full surface touchscreen” display that replaces the traditional keypad. No word yet on if this concept will go into production. Ever wondered what mobile phones would look like, say, five years from now? Well, judging from the ever-changing landscape of the cellular handset industry, it's hard to tell really. However, one possible design could be the aeon, a concept phone which Nokia showcased at its R&D lab during a recent media event in Finland.

From the looks of it, the aeon comes with an LCD display across its entire face, with the bottom half doubling as a touchscreen input panel for the number pad. Aesthetics-wise, the aeon is kept simple and slim, with a futuristic design touch that's ironically similar to something you'd expect from the movie of the same name, Aeon Flux.

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