Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Palm Treo 750v

A wise man once said that there were two types of people in this world: Windows Mobile fanatics, and Palm lovers. Over the past five years, while the former have enjoyed a plethora of new-age models to choose from, including the likes of O2, HP and Dopod, the latter have constantly clung onto their one true shining glory, the Palm Treo 650. Two years ago, to everyone's collective surprise, rumors were rife about a Palm-Windows collaboration, for the flagship series no less. A year later, Asia watched as the US received the Windows-driven Palm Treo 700w, a marriage between two handheld powerhouses that was received with mixed reviews. Now the new Treo 750v has finally arrived on our sunny shores, and easily bears our strong recommendation as one of the best PDA-phones money can currently buy.

The good: Executive design; good build quality; intuitive controls and interface; excellent phone functionality; speedy operation; 3G.
The bad: No Wi-Fi; weak multimedia feature set; 2.5mm audio jack; no front camera for video calls.
The bottom line: If you are willing to overlook the absence of Wi-Fi and weak multimedia functions, the Palm Treo 750v ironically provides the most enjoyable Windows Mobile experience to date.

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