Tuesday, December 5, 2006
Hello Kitty's phone

Yes, we're overdue for some Kitty lurve here at Gadget Buzz. So here're some handsets for the fans, courtesy of blog site Popgadget and manufactured by Taiwan firm OKWAP. Surprisingly, these pack a wallop in features, despite the tendency to pooh-pooh the phones as Sanrio collectors' dribble. The A268Kitty may appeal more to the sweet 16 crowd, but it reportedly comes with dual color screens, an onboard camera and bilingual dictionary. The A236Kitty, on the other hand, slides out to reveal a keypad, touchscreen and stylus. Not bad for something that looks like a toy. Also spotted was the A279Kitty which, despite its "don't' take me seriously" fa�ade, is seriously featured with a pedometer, bilingual dictionary, MP3 player, camera, FM tuner, 100MB onboard memory, and a strip of LED lights on the front panel which acts like Scientific Oregon's projection clocks. This one lets you type a short message where waving your phone will activate the Wave Messaging feature and display your text in the air. How cool is that? And what would the celebrity feline be without matching phone charms, pouches and wallpapers bundled with the phones? Comes pretty in pink, naturally.

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